The PAL Ropes Course is operated by Pacific Adventure Learning.
We provide opportunities for teams to develop and bond over a series of challenging and engaging programs. PAL invites you to learn in a unique, dynamic, and safe environment.
If you want to build a great team, then there is only one option.
The PAL Ropes Course offers opportunities to enhance your team and bond over a series of challenging and engaging programs.


We offer participants a chance to engage with the outdoors in an exciting but safe course that will require teams to use both creativity and critical thinking to complete the challenges given to them.


We cater to all clients groups whether it is school groups, summer camps, sports teams, youth programs,faculty and staff or corporate groups.


The Ropes, or "Challenge", Course develops individuals as well as teams.
People learn to go beyond their comfort zone, and build self-esteem while breaking through self-imposed boundaries.

The PAL Ropes Course operates under the policy of "Challenge by Choice". "Challenge by Choice" is a policy whereby the group recognizes that every participant has his or her own comfort zone as well as personal challenges that every individual in the group must respect. This policy is implemented to ensure the client's emotional and physical safety. The team will be asked to respect everybody's decision thereby allowing for individuals to more freely make decisions without pressure.